Retail web design and development takes many forms.Phonate Technologies has developed online solutions for businesses in the retail industry for years. Typically, this takes the form of an online shopping cart. Although, with specialty retail goods, your website is only the start of a sale and it’s estimated that a majority of retail sales is driven by the web.

phonate-retailRetailers – whether eCommerce or real world, have a big job to do. They need to create buyer excitement, while simultaneously conveying large amounts of information in a clear and concise manner. Be it an eCommerce shopping site, or an online product catalogue, your retail website also needs to draw shopper loyalty.

Retail Web Design Considerations

Although we take our retail clients through the same process all of our web design and Internet marketing clients go through, the retail space has a unique set of challenges and questions that must be considered before any development begins.

Each product, sector, and business is unique and as such so are the design and development challenges we run into and all must be unified within your unique brands and company needs.

Online shoppers should enjoy browsing the virtual shopping precinct while making their selections and then proceeding with ease and confidence to the secure, yet frustration free e-commerce check-out.

Real world shoppers should enjoy the same seamless, safe shopping experience, after planning their shopping trip online. They can then proceed with ease to their local store; locate a convenient parking spot, find that favourite shop or grab a bargain and know when and where to find entertainment, baby change and disabled facilities.

Phonate Technologies makes all this possible using our Magento eCommerce website solutions. We can provide creative, dynamic website solutions for both online and real world retailers.