Transportation & Traffic Solutions

Phonate Technologies has been instrumental in the evolution of traffic management systems in the country for over phonate-circuitthe last year.   Phonate Technologies’s Traffic and Transportation Solutions is synonymous with the Intelligent Traffic Systems in the country.  We are not only India’s first manufacturer of traffic equipment but also the pioneer in introducing path-breaking technologies such Area Traffic Control and Variable Message Sign in the country.

phonate-traffic-lightPhonate Technologies Computers’ Traffic & Transportation Systems division offers a wide array of marquee products and solutions related to transportation infrastructure. We have unrivalled capabilities of providing responsive support and expertise to the government agencies overseeing road infrastructure projects.

We have efficient, affordable & environmentally acceptable solutions for sustainable traffic requirements comprising computing, sensing and communication technologies. Not only does Phonate Technologies provide the solution, it also helps customers find the right way to go about phonate-trafficimplementing these solutions using its consultancy and implementations services. Phonate Technologies’s range of services take the customer through the entire life cycle of the product from individual components to fully planned and customized implementations to support and maintenance.

Our traffic management team brings with it decades of expertise so as to provide our customers with the quickest and most cost effective solution to reach their goals. Our approach is centralized and provides for in depth monitoring in real time.