WordPress is an incredibly popular tool to use for web content management. If you have a blog or website that runs on WordPress and it is in need of some further development or pizazz, Phonate Technologies is here to help.

Getting your web content off the ground can be a daunting task, even when your software is user friendly. While the wide variety of options WordPress offers for design and text development makes using the program fun, it helps to have a professional guiding you through those choices.

wordpressWhat is WordPress?

WordPress is open source software, meaning that it is free and constantly being updated by literally thousands of users. Without the need to defer to one visionary, WordPress has creative expansion and amazing versatility. Anyone can utilize WordPress to create their own blog or website.

How Does it Work?

Once you have a host for your site (which we can also help with), all we need to do is download the latest version of WordPress and start customizing! Although it is possible to just jump in and publish content right away, the success of your blog or website will depend on how well it attracts traffic.

This is where Phonate Technologies gets down to business. We know our way around the endless themes, widgets and plugins available to WordPress users, and can support your goals with our expertise. We will work with you to clearly understand the image you want to create with your site, and our designers and programmers will then make it happen.

WordPress Features

Because it is constantly evolving and improving, WordPress can provide users with a long list of features that meets or beats other content management tool software. Key features come standard, and your Phonate Technologies professional can always extend that feature set by modifying it.