Blackberry presents versatile tools and features that support swift development of applications. We are one of the field experts in Blackberry application development handling the tools appropriately to deliver your requirements. Phonate Technologies provide best combination of productivity applications to customize the capabilities of Blackberry to match your own special requirements.

bbBlackberry supports highly reliable J2ME and Java programming environment that allows our programmers to develop thrilling and inspiring games.

Blackberry is the most preferred platform for developing complex business applications with rich multimedia and graphic features blended to your customization.

  • We are involved in developing all kinds of Blackberry application development customized to your requirement.
  • Our skilled professionals have expertise in developing business-centric apps or standalone applications with quality irrespective of the project size.
  • We explore the potential of Blackberry extensively by utilizing the native features and widgets development for making quality apps.
  • The multitasking environment of Blackberry along with third party integration features are aptly deployed in our apps for adding the functionalities.

Benefits of Blackberry application Development

  • Expertise in blackberry development
  • Highly skilled, dedicated and hardworking team of blackberry developers
  • Sound knowledge of Blackberry JDE, blackberry development tools and APIs for building wireless applications.
  • Fast, accurate, and timely development of applications
  • Customized user interface
  • Customization to client specific requirements
  • Rich experience in building multimedia gaming, streaming audio/video, graphics, 2D/3D
  • animation applications, etc
  • Low cost and affordable apps development
  • Building social networking applications like Facebook in blackberry