Joomla Development

All across the web, people are plugged into content management systems (even if they don’t know it). A CMS, like Joomla, is the premier way to organize content and authorized users on a website. Joomla is an ideal front-end solution for all kinds of businesses and organizations because of its far-reaching features and potential for customization.

Phonate has the expert Joomla development team you’ve been looking for. We’ve been working with it since its inception and we’re fully capable of creating a unique online experience for your users no matter what product or service you’re offering.

joomlaHow Joomla Helps You Interact

Joomla for your businesses is an ideal way to get your readers involved in the services you provide.

Customization: Instead of relying on uninteresting layouts created by cookie-cutter web design firms, trust our Phonate Technologies Web design team for the most innovative use of your content. This will make your site an interesting stop for readers looking for something more engaging.

Updates: Every time you add something new to your site, welcome your audience back with RSS feeds that integrate seamlessly with the Joomla environment. Our architects can integrate your social media platforms as well, giving you comprehensive control over how your web traffic flows through your site.

Users: Joomla is strong enough on its own to support non-administrative level members to your website as well. For example, if you run a blog and you want people to leave comments under the content you provide, they can sign up for their own username and have an online identity within the confines of your  Joomla framework. It’s the best way to ensure your audience returns to your website and keeps your ad revenue coming in.

Advertising: With customizable modules and widgets, our Joomla experts will organize your site to accommodate the ideal number of ad banners to maximize your revenues will still providing a coherent layout your readers will enjoy.

Since Joomla is an open-source project, there are constant updates and improvements to its framework. Our web experts are plugged into the evolution of this product and are able to provide excellent Joomla services to you that keep you on the cutting edge of technology.